Preparation is the antidote to anxiety

June 17, 2020

Anxiety is often a side effect of busy and confusing periods of life. It is important to notice the signs of anxiety, so that you can intervene before anxiety grows to become a typical part of your day. In our previous blog post, we shared 8 possible ways to better manage your anxiety. Today, we are focusing on one fundamental idea, and that is preparation. Having a long-term plan, a clear vision and a sense of direction helps you to move forward even in the most difficult situations. Don’t allow your anxiety to drown you, ride the wave and use it as a gentle push to readjust your path or pace towards your goal!

Notice the signs of anxiety

Every person experiences anxiety differently, but most commonly the signs of anxiety can be categorized as either verbal, psychological or emotional:

  • Over- and under-reacting to things
  • Lack of attention and not being able to concentrate
  • Feeling physically and mentally drained 
  • Difficulty staying focused or making decisions
  • Becoming easily frustrated on a more frequent basis
  • Arguing more with everybody around you
  • Feeling tired, sad, nervous, numb, lonely or worried
  • Experiencing changes in appetite or sleep patterns
  • Feeling confused and often not even knowing what it is that you are feeling.

If you know what signs you are looking for in yourself, then you can learn to identify them and deal with them much more effectively!

The best preventative measure against experiencing anxiety is to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. That’s because what most often causes anxiety for marketers is either unbalanced lifestyle, distractions, information overload or an addictive disorder. By taking an active role in planning your time and activities, you take responsibility for your life and the outcomes of your actions. It is in your hands to plan your days and it is in your power to stick to the schedule and the commitments you’ve made to yourself!

Plan for your success

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Walt Disney

The dreams you have for yourself and for your life ARE possible. Why most people fail to achieve their goals is that their belief in themselves withers over time and the choices they make every day are not aligned with their long-term vision. Miracles don’t happen, we create them through our actions. If you choose to just wait and hope without being willing to invest your time and energy into pursuing your goals, then all you end up doing is losing valuable time and postponing your success.

Imagine your life in 5, 10 or 15 years time. You have the job you’ve always desired. You have the home you’ve always wanted. You have the lifestyle you’ve always imagined. You spend your time doing things that you most enjoy. You feel happy, free of anxiety and stress, healthy and full of energy. What does your future look like? What do you need to do to get there? Do you need to save up money, work on your fitness level, change your career paths, meet new people?

Start backtracking your steps from your ideal life to the current moment. Yes, your goals can seem ambitious, scary and even somewhat impossible. But if you break them down into smaller goals and actionable steps, then the work you need to put in today is considerably less time-consuming than you’d imagine. Your efforts accumulate over time, just like compound interest works – if you put aside a little money now, but do it consistently over many years, then the rate of growth for your savings will increase exponentially.

Think, what are these critical activities that you need to do every day, or week, or month that get you a tiny step closer to your dream lifestyle. Think of their importance and power and whether the effort you need to put in today is worth your dream. How would it feel to live your dream? How much would it hurt not to have it? You are the most important person of your life! Think twice before you break promises to yourself. By doing that, your subconscious realizes that your dream is really not that important, and over time this will start to undermine your belief in yourself.

Having positive routines in your life builds a very solid foundation for growth. Because we cannot learn new things or advance our skills when we are in an endless hamster wheel, feeling stressed and anxious about everything. By having a plan and a clear understanding of your path, you can remain grounded and in control even in uncertain situations. You’ll always have a sense of direction and it’s easy for you to adjust your sails when the wind changes. Because things will change and unexpectancies will happen, but the belief in your capability to move towards your dreams will help you move past the difficult times.

Life happens so fast, don’t allow it to pass you by without truly enjoying every day. Start planning for your success right away, keep your promises, and over time, you’ll see how your anxiety levels go down!

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