Get to know our valued Power Partners

We believe that no one wins alone - we all need likeminded people around us to feel supported, inspired and connected.

Powerful Marketers would not be the same without our valued Power Partners. They are successful business owners, solopreneurs and marketers who are passionate about building relationships and helping each other move the needle forward every day.

You can connect with all the Power Partners inside our community.

Meet our Power Partners:



Founder and president of AmSpirit Business Connections which empowers entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals to become successful through networking. Frank also hosts the Networking Rx podcast, which has insights and interviews related to better business relationships. Finally, he is the author of several books, including Foundational Networking.

Larry Kaul

business development

Founder of Solopreneur Inc., a hub for solopreneurs who are eager for personal and business growth. Larry has generated amazing results in business development, i.e. Kaul Sales Partners (now OppGen): from $5K to $100K monthly revenue in 18 months & still going strong after 10 years; Kaul Group: $2M to $6M annual sales over 7 years, with 6%-40% commission, and much more. 

Janet E. Johnson

Digital marketing

Janet is an experienced ad agency owner (Janet E Johnson Agency), coach, speaker, and podcaster, with a focus on helping business owners improve their return on investment through online sales funnels and advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. With 25 years of experience in digital marketing, she helps her clients generate substantial revenue daily.

Michelle B. Griffin

Thought leadership branding

As The Brand Therapist,℠ Michelle elevates established but hidden high achievers ready to step out, stand apart and rise up in their industries with more impact and influence. She is a thought leadership branding advisor, speaker, co-host of The LinkedIn Branding Show Podcast, co-founder of the LinkedIn Branding Community, and the co-author of The LinkedIn Branding Book.

Nathan manzaneque


Nathan is  the founder of INSPIRE Consulting, with over 10+ years of experience as a business consultant. He is a speaker and the author of Samurai Networker. He helps his clients achieve faster decision-making by aligning the leadership team, as well as creating increased commercial and operational efficiency and dynamism. This results in change-ready teams.

terry bean

Terry Bean is a sought after speaker, business growth coach and consultant. His area of expertise is steeped in the space of relationships and its foundation: communications. He takes time to uncover people’s needs and leverages his network and knowledge to see them fulfilled. Terry spends most of his time as a growth strategist for leaders and their businesses. 

Kim shepheard

marketing strategy

Kim is a Marketing Strategist and the Founder of Shepheard Marketing, an international full-service marketing agency, including content language translation services. She is also the creator of the private Marketing Masters mastermind group, consisting of experts worldwide, where ideas and experiences are shared and collaborations are made. 

Jacob Dazzeo

digital marketing

Jacob is the Owner of Watson Digital & Contributor at Rip City Project. He is passionate about helping small businesses through stagnation by driving great traffic to their websites. He has worked with hundreds of industry-leading companies, and is an internationally renowned online growth expert.  

Ruby sweeney


Ruby Sweeney founded The Events Hub in 2011, after a decade’s rich experience across the industry. Its key goals are to not only create engaging, memorable experiences for attendees, but save clients the entire mental load from start to finish. She put together an agile, expert team to provide a tailored, personalised service for clients, and brought in world-leading technologies to help. Strategic planning, creativity, and adaptability are some of Ruby’s core strengths. 

Want to join as a Power Partner?

Powerful Marketers Power Partners are business professionals in the marketing world who want to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

The values we expect you to share with us are the following:

  • we are here to serve our audiences; it is not a place for cold sales but a safe environment for asking for help;
  • we are here to build relationships, and we help each other through introductions, referrals, and contacts;
  • we are here to help each other grow, and we allow each other to share valuable updates, launches, and upcoming events.

We expect our relationship to be based on mutual trust and respect, and both parties should be communicative, accessible, and flexible, provide joint value, and have measurable results.

We are not here only to promote and throw ads to our community but to build value for marketers and business owners serious about building outstanding marketing!

We are here to serve our community, and we only accept partners who:

  • share the same values with us and who are serving a similar audience;
  • we know or have collaborated with (we can't refer anybody without being sure about the valuable content);
  • have read and accepted the terms and conditions*.

We retain the right to choose our partners.

* See the terms & conditions of being a Power Partner

By accepting the Power Partner position at Powerful Marketers, you agree to the following:

  • Having your name, bio, headshot and contact information published on the Powerful Marketers website.

  • Providing a special offer to the referrals that come through Powerful Marketers (if a special offer is published on the Powerful Marketers partners website).

  • Having your name, bio, or headshot used as part of Powerful Marketers promotional campaigns or in their public communication channels (e.g. newsletter, social media).

  • If possible, attending the monthly Power Partners meetings (on the third Tuesday of each month) and giving your permission to record these meetings in order to share them with other Power Partners who could not attend.

  • Parts of the meeting recordings may be used in Powerful Marketers public channels (e.g. website, newsletter, social media) for promotional purposes.

  • You commit to being an active Power Partner which means that you either post at least one post inside the Powerful Marketers Community every month, or have at least one person join the community through your invitation. Your activity status is overseen every 6 months and passive partners will be removed from the Power Partners list.

  • You are open to sharing information about the community within your network. For that, we've prepared a few social prompts that you can easily copy-and-paste to your socials or newsletter list.

  • You are open to sharing valuable information to our community members (no direct sales!), and agree that your posts (or parts of it) may be used on Powerful Marketers public channels for promotional purposes.

  • You take accountability for your decision to join as a Power Partner and if for any reason you see that you are no longer able to invest time into being a Power Partner, you will let us know. Upon making that decision, your Power Partner access to the community will be revoked and your information as a Power Partner will be removed from the Powerful Marketers website.


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