Michael Stewart: Why sales and marketing need to be best friends?

March 22, 2022
Is your marketing messaging lacking? In today’s episode Michael Stewart, Part-Time Marketing Director, shares why it is so important for sales and marketing to work hand-in-hand for optimum business success.

Often sales and marketing are separate departments within a business. For marketing to be effective, certain elements of the messaging should be influenced by sales data. Effective advertisements consider questions such as ‘What problems do we solve for the customer?’ and ‘How do we want the customer to feel by working with us?’. If the messaging is incorrect, you will be losing money overall. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Powerful Marketing Tips for a conversation about how sales and marketing can work together to better grow your business. Learn how to target your messaging more effectively to your customer base.


  • “Marketing for me, there’s a couple of fundamental questions… we need to answer. The first one is what does a good customer look like? And the second is what makes our business different and better?” (3:46-4:01)
  • “By defining the messages you can use that then as a selling tool and you can outline those messages generally within the marketing material as well.” (14:45-15:02)
  • “Marketing and getting the marketing messaging right and really thinking about how you want customers to feel is really, really important…How do I want them to feel? I want them to feel excited about working with me. I want them to feel confident that I can help them deliver that. That’s just my business. Everybody has to think of their own business and say ‘How do we affect these people's life? What problems do we solve? How do we want them to feel?’ And that’s something that’s missing in many, many businesses that I go into.” (21:09-22:02)
  • “If you don’t get the messaging right what you’ll find is that you are leaving money on the table all the way through.” (34:16-34:26)


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