How to live a sustainable life?

August 19, 2020

How often do you think about your true inner power? You do matter and the things you do have an impact on the people around you, as well as the environment around you. Do the choices you make in life support your long-term vision and beliefs? Because with every purchase and every savings you make you vote with your money. That is why in our latest Powerful Business Talks we discussed the topic of sustainability with Stefan Heintz who is an expert in sustainable investing. Continue reading for key takeaways from the conversation and find the link to the recording at the end of the post!

People, planet, profit = sustainability

Sustainable living and sustainable business are phrases that get used more and more. But what is the true meaning behind that and why does this topic concern every individual? The truth is that the humankind lives beyond their means, exhausting resources faster than the planet can restore them. There is no Planet B but what we can do is to make smarter choices in order to preserve the resources we do have and to support sustainable and long-term growth.

Sustainability in business can only be achieved by focusing on 3 key elements: people, planet, profit. If any of these elements is missing, it is not a long-lasting equation of growth.

What is stopping us from choosing sustainability?

Mostly people can sense what is good and what is right, and while many believe in the power of sustainability, not all support this cause through their actions. Living in the world of 7,8 billion people, the actions of one person can seem meaningless. Yet, as it is powerfully said by Robert Swan:

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”  R. Swan

You vote with your money every time you choose sustainable packaging over resource intensive packaging such as plastics. You vote with your money every time you choose organic over conventional produce.

The same way, as a marketer or a business owner, you shape the path of your industry and your clients’ expectations by making either sustainable decisions or not, by offering sustainable solutions or not. When many come together, small efforts become a transformation.

To change your business and to ensure its longevity and sustainability, politics, education and innovation need to work together. If you understand that you are not sustainable:

  • you need to push and pull from politics;
  • you need to make sure everybody understand why we are doing this;
  • you need to innovate either the business model, the technology or the product.

Want to find out more? Watch the full recording of the Powerful Business Talks with Stefan Heintz:

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