Gregg Havass: How to turn content into clients?

January 4, 2022
Do you struggle to create content that converts web traffic into clients and sales? According to Gregg Havass, copywriting expert and President of WordsPerfect, Inc., the most effective content connects to prospective clients on an emotional level. 

Gregg explains that all buying decisions are ultimately based on emotion, not logic. People who feel understood, appreciated, and loved are more likely to purchase your products or services. He compares content creation to writing a love letter, and says it is important for potential clients to feel the love in everything you write. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Powerful Marketing Tips to learn more about how to appeal to your site visitors on an emotional level, how to use effective copywriting to convert web traffic into sales, and how to approach marketing from the heart.


  • “Content creation is necessary because when people see your brand they probably don’t know you, or your products or services. This is maybe the first time they’ve ever seen you…You only have about ten seconds to sell a site visitor. When they come to your website, they have a certain issue, or set of issues, with an undercurrent of emotion that are attached to those issues, and they want you to address all of those issues and the undercurrent of emotions before they buy your products and services, not afterward.” (01:19-01:59)
  • “One hundred percent of buying decisions are based on emotion. Logic has nothing to do with anyone’s decision to buy any product or service.” (02:32-02:40)
  • “All of the content that you create…that entire message should be thoroughly connective and consistent with your brand’s message and mission.” (06:11-06:36)
  • “I’ve been in this business three decades, and I’m still learning. But I learned from people who taught me ‘this is the way we brand ourselves to the top of our industry and this is what we need you to do’…Most business owners aren’t exposed to that. I was only lucky to be exposed to that. In fact, when I learned it, I decided to take everything I thought I knew about branding and just throw it in the garbage.” (10:36-11:09)
  • “When you post, let them feel the love. You don’t have to exactly say the word ‘love,’ but it’s almost like you’re sending a Hallmark card of sorts. And they’re just like, ‘Wow, this is so loving and connective…’ It really it doesn’t matter what you’re selling. Send the love anyway, that’s all they respond to.” (25:40-25:58)
  • “Never stop trying. Greatness is just a step away from most people. Most people with a great idea just stop short of it. Don’t stop short of it. Go for what you’re passionate about.” (30:11-30:25)


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