3 reasons to visualize your marketing metrics with Google Data Studio

December 30, 2021
„How to use your metrics and data for better decision-making?“ is something that many business owners contemplate. Tune in to this quick tips episode to hear Laura Kukemelk share the 3 most important reasons why you should consider setting up Google Data Studio. Find the episode transcript below.

In the previous episode, Mari-Liis talked about sales and marketing alignment and which metrics to track. This leads us to the next question that many business owners have: how to use your metrics and data for better decision making? I have set up Google Data Studio for many of our marketing service customers and from my experience, let me share with you the 3 reasons to visualize your marketing metrics with Google Data Studio! 

  1. Reason number 1 for using Google Data Studio is that like many other great tools by Google, it is free to use. The only barrier to entry could be the process of setting up the Data Studio which can be a bit time consuming. But you only need to do it once and after that it will work seamlessly.
  2. With Google Data Studio you can combine data from all the different channels that you use - e.g. your social media, your web page, but also your sales numbers and other KPIs that you have for your business. This way you can see the big picture of your business. 
  3. Inside Google Data Studio your data will be dynamic - meaning that you can visualize longer or shorter periods of time, compare results to a previous month or year, see the trends and make decisions.

Having your Google Data Studio set up is very valuable - especially if you are not a big numbers person and prefer visualized data. You can combine data from countless sources or even from a simple spreadsheet. You just need to invest some time into building it once and then over time, it will save you a lot of time and also money - because it will support your decision making.

PS! Check out our tutorial on how to set up Google Data Studio, as well.

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