Wow, great job! You are in the SELF-FULFILLMENT NEEDS part of the pyramid.

Your basic needs and psychological needs are being met, which means that you feel in control of your life, feel secure in your job, understand and know your value, feel the support of others around you, and you’re confident in overcoming any unexpected challenges.

It’s important at this stage to remember that in order to move further upwards, the focus has to shift from serving "me" to serving "people around me". True fulfillment can only come from helping other people around you to better themselves.

Changing the world really can start with just one person -- and it could very well be you! All you need is a strong belief in the cause that you are fighting for (your purpose), as well as in yourself -- that you CAN make a difference.

Remember, self-development never stops. Stick with your self-care routines, hold yourself accountable, receive and share positive energy and kind words as often as possible.