Why don’t they fire people who are giving lousy service?

April 13, 2023
Collaborating with people who share your values is essential for any successful relationship, both personal and professional. However, as a client you may occasionally come across such poor customer service that you ask yourself ‘How come they don’t fire these people?’ This is precisely what Mari-Liis Vaher and Laura Kukemelk discuss on this episode of the Powerful Marketing Tips podcast, and they also share three lessons that every business owner can take from this.

1. Have a feedback system in place

One of the reasons for allowing such bad customer service is that the executives are simply not aware of it. So, the first lesson is that you need to learn how your people act. Have a regular feedback process in place. There are some key clients that you should take special time for, to call them and really listen to their thoughts and feedback, but there are also many clients with whom you can use automated emails to save time. Just make sure you won’t forget to do it on a regular basis. Another important thing is to analyze recurring clients and people opting out of your systems.

2. Understand company values

In Estonian, there is a saying that the fish starts stinking from the head, meaning that if there are toxic or incompetent people in the company, then the leadership must be similar. It is about the values that they represent or don't represent, to be exact, and if these values don’t align with yours, then the easy fix is just to not collaborate with them. Because people work with people, not companies, and sharing values is essential in any collaboration, personally and professionally.

3. Cultivate great leadership

If the company suffers from lack of proper leadership, then consistent communication about the need for change and an action plan are needed. If you are a marketer struggling with a manager like that, have a plan or be ready to help create a plan and implement it. These types of leaders who undervalue the importance of great customer service and proper systems need help, and they want to feel secure before making any decisions.
If you are this kind of manager, it is time to learn and grow as a leader because you are the bottleneck of your business.

It is tough to work with someone who doesn't care, and who doesn't think about solutions, and only finds reasons why things are impossible. Well, anything is possible! You need to be surrounded with the right people who have the right mindset. And for that, we have created the Powerful Marketers Community. Join now for free!

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