The #1 key result area of any successful marketer: Using The Powerful Mindset, MEET YOURSELF!

December 9, 2019

Albert Einstein once said:

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” 

Why do you need to work on your mindset?

Because it doesn’t matter how great your technical skills are if your mindset lets you down. And that is bound to happen sooner or later unless you work on it. You need to learn ways to balance effectively your physiology and psychology to be ten times more focused both professionally and as a person.

Here’s why:

  • As a human you are the sum of your different values, beliefs, behaviours, and skills. So, paradoxically, if you want to have a great career, your job cannot be the only key aspect in your life. You need to develop and implement strong leadership habits and skills in all of your life in order to enjoy it to the fullest extent possible.
  • Your mindset determines both your personal and your professional outcomes. Consider, for example, the people who feel burned out at their jobs. Those people cannot keep on staying in that job unless something changes. The consequence of burning out is that eventually, you either get fired, or you quit. Even if you have never actually been burned out, everyone still knows that it is much harder to solve any issue or do any task once your mental or physical state deteriorates. Obviously, the right thing to do is to prevent the causes of burnout and to be as strong and inspired as possible in your professional and personal life every day.
  • You need to find inspiration in your job to feel truly fulfilled in your life! Only then can you be the best version of yourself and reflect that back into your job.

You might have worked very hard to have the best resources in every aspect of your career: best education, best job, best ads, best team, etc. But if your mindset gets in the way of your interactions with everyone, it does not matter how great everything else is. It is going to fail. 

How to meet yourself?

  • Work with your mindset: your mindset is something you can choose, and that you HAVE to choose. Just like you cannot focus on absolutely everything in your daily job, you shouldn’t take everything upon yourself. 
  • Knowing your identity & purpose down to the core: and this is extremely valuable, crafting your personal purpose is a must for any professional. Your purpose is what you want to achieve and become in life more than anything else, and this includes both personal and professional areas. Your purpose is crucial because it affects every decision you make and it has a direct effect on your outcomes. Your purpose also affects other people around you, and it enables you to make yourself and others happy. How important is that for you as an individual?
  • Focus on honing your skills as a human being: the impact on your ability to create value for your clients, colleagues, and other business associates, will grow exponentially 
  • Work with your discipline & routines: they are not simply nice-to-have. If you think of great goals, and how some people achieve them and some do not, the answer is pretty obvious. You know perfectly well that great results always require hard work. And here’s a little question for you: Can you be a hardworking marketer with great work ethics in the office and, at the same time, be lazy and careless at home? You may already know the answer in your case. Re-discovering how you can reset your routines and integrate disciplines for success is going to become what makes the critical difference as you work with yourself. 


Even the smallest improvements on certain critical aspects of yourself makes a critical difference in everything else in your life!

  • According to cognitive psychology, your thoughts and values determine the way you see yourself and the world around you. Think about your thoughts and values  as the color of the glasses through which you see the world as a result of your upbringing, your culture, and your experiences. So, how do your thoughts and values affect your results as a professional?
  • Thoughts and beliefs that are grounded in pessimism impact your feelings, your emotions, and your mental health negatively. And make no mistake about it: sadly, having pessimistic thoughts and beliefs is a common issue, and it can contribute to mood and anxiety disorders.
  • We want you to know yourself on a much deeper level, so you fully understand which beliefs make you act the way you do today, and how is it that there is a gap between your hard work and desires, and the results you are getting.  

Once you are willing to work with yourself, your self-confidence will grow like never before.

And that is directly related to cultivating a powerful mindset as a marketer. It is like taking care of your body. No pain, no gain. Nobody can work out your legs, or your core, or your arms, for you. You have to put in the effort. And once you do, your muscles, your mind, and your entire being will thank you for it. The same principle is true for your mindset; unless you work on it on a regular basis, you make it impossible to have other areas work effectively, regardless of how good a professional you currently might be. 

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