Sandeep Nath: How to Handle Entrepreneurial Stress?

June 21, 2022
Has stress been weighing you down and blocking you from reaching your full potential as an entrepreneur? Stress is a natural part of life that occurs when the demands placed on you appear greater than your available resources. The good news is that there are ways to change how things appear to you and reduce that feeling of stress. In today’s episode, international mindfulness coach Sandeep Nath shares tips he learned from all over the world on how to prevent and reduce stress. 

Sandeep studied with Vedic gurus and Tibetan masters and learned that there are a few key essentials to keeping stress away. As we grow and our lives become more stressful, we begin to lose track of things that originally came very easily to us, such as taking full deep breaths, chewing our food completely, getting enough sleep, and pausing to take breaks throughout the day. By slowing down and relearning how to breathe and eat mindfully we can retrain our brains to focus and help stop the overactivity of our thoughts. By getting enough sleep, we can recharge our yin energy and balance it with the yang energy we receive during the day. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Powerful Marketing Tips for a conversation about how to prevent and reduce stress in your daily life to help you achieve more with your career. Learn how to breathe more effectively, eat more mindfully, and allow your body to rest and recover.


  • “We get stressed when our demands appear to be more than our resources. Now, the word ‘appear’ is very important. And why it is important is because we can do something about how things appear to us.” (6:19-6:34)
  • “Developing your inner power is kind of building up an energy base within which shines a light on whatever the demand is. And the demand cost is shadow on the other side. This inner power, this energy is what differentiates those billionaires from us entrepreneurs, because they have the same time. But they have a lot more energy, which helps them focus, which helps them align, which helps them to delegate, which helps them outsource, which helps them do everything that needs to be done with the right kind of sense of priorities without fragmenting their energy.” (8:06-8:48)
  • “We’ve got to train our mind with our breathing. And what I recommend that we do is that we get into a habit where we stop doing whatever we're doing for 30 seconds. Just 30 seconds, take a pause. And in those 30 seconds, just focus on the air going in and coming out.” (14:17-14:41)
  • “The yin and the yang of ancient wisdom, there is a duality of everything. So the yin is the female side, the cool side, the dark side. The yang is the bright side, the outward side, the hot, warm side. And they always exist together.” (26:40-26:59)
  • “You want to see yourself stress-free? Make habits of the B.E.S.T. Practices; Breathe, Eat, Sleep, Take Timeout.” (29:45-29:52)


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