Build, Run & Organize 

Your Marketing

Our Gap Analysis Workshop helps you to get clear and organized with your marketing to ensure that everything that you do within your business is aligned and purposeful.

Powerful Marketers - Marketing Application Service

How does it work?

During the 4-hour workshop we will dive deep into clarifying the following aspects.

  1. 1
    Target Audience
    Different segments with the audience, customer avatars, how to approach them (message, channels, systems)
  2. 2
    Marketing & Communication Strategy
    How to align marketing, sales & customer service activities, what are the necessary activities moving forward and how to prioritize them, what is the optimal frequency and budget for required activities
  3. 3
    Plan & Metrics
    How to measure the success of your marketing efforts? How to plan your marketing and what is the focus for the next 90 days? 

The Benefits

As a result of the workshop, you will have a one-page plan to build, run and organize your marketing either on your own or with our continued support.

Gain clarity

Get on the same page with all the key players in your company as we analyze your industry, business, competitors and target audience.

Create alignment

Unite different departments in your business to create a seamless experience for your new and existing customers.

Build systems

Pinpoint the required activities to reach your goals and set it all up as one logical system.

Measure results

Identify the key metrics in your business to help you understand what works and what doesn't.

Want us to take care of your marketing full-time?

After the workshop we are happy to discuss possibilities for us to continue our cooperation through marketing services.

Here’s what people are saying about Powerful Marketers:

Julia Raasuke

Marketing Manager of
LHV pension funds

Our long-term cooperation has been very successful.

Considering the specifics of the industry we operate in and the strict regulations, your inventive solutions and the outside perspective are refreshing! Everything is well-organized, consistent and systematic.

Toomas Kollamaa

Member of the Board at

What I appreciate the most is the customized approach and service.

I trust Powerful Marketers to keep my company's best interests in mind and that's why I don't need to oversee every single detail. I know that in the grand scheme of things, my company will benefit from this cooperation and that is the most important thing.

Sven Mihailov

Member of the board at
Fausto Capital real estate

 Convenient and effective!

Our marketing activities are always well-managed, organized and measured. At any time, I can take a look at all the plans and activities and monitor in real time what is happening in our marketing.