Julian Roberts: How to Unlock the Potential of Your Team?

May 3, 2022
Do you know how to unlock the potential of your team? Think of your team members as seeds full of potential. In today’s episode, Julian Roberts, executive and leadership coach at Julian Roberts Consulting Ltd, explains how to empower those seeds to grow. You cannot achieve everything on our own, so it is pivotal to maximize the potential of your team.  

Julian spent 20 years working in sales before he realized that what he really felt passionate about was empowering others. When leaders are empowered to help their team grow, everyone on the team benefits. Being a good leader starts with having a growth mindset, not only for yourself, but for others. The next step is to create an environment where employees can learn and make mistakes safely. Remember that you as a leader are always being observed and it is important to be a role model with your behavior. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Powerful Marketing Tips for a conversation about how to unlock your team’s potential. Learn the right mindset and tips for helping your team members to grow and flourish.


  • “I started to reflect on those 20 years of working. And I realized that what got me really excited is when I took an individual who's working for me, and I got alongside them, and I coached them, and I help unlock their potential.” (2:41-2:54)
  • “Particularly when entrepreneurs, they do everything themselves. And eventually they become the limiting sort of belief or the block of the growth of that business. Because they tried to be involved in everything and do everything.” (9:07-9:20)
  • “You can empower people. And as you empower people, as you enable people to unlock their potential, actually you're unlocking more capacity within your business about how you do things.” (9:35-9:45)
  • “It starts with you, the individual, and it's making sure that you have a mindset for growth, not only in yourself, but in others. If your mindset is fixed, if your mindset is not about growing or empowering others, it's just not going to go anywhere, period.” (11:16-11:34)
  • “When you feel safe, you then will start to relax, and start to push the boundaries, and start to go for it and be more innovative, unlocking your potential.” (17:20-17:34)


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