Challenge yourself to grow out of your comfort zone!

Stop wishing, start doing!

At Powerful Marketers, we are firm believers that anything truly is possible if you commit to it and make it your habit!

Join other like-minded individuals in our monthly Powerful Mastermind Club meetings to hold yourself accountable on the journey of self-development.

Accomplish your goals

Being on the same journey with others helps keep you accountable! We'll help keep you motivated through our social media channels and free events.

Build powerful habits

Use our habit-building template to track your progress and share your victories and challenges with others in our private community.

Carve a path to your success

Change does not happen overnight. Empower your body, mind and soul by taking on challenges from different areas.

What can you expect?

The Golden Ratio of Powerfulness is your core of strength as a person. In order to be successful in the long run, it is important that you are balanced in all 3 key areas:

  • psychological,
  • intellectual,
  • physical.

If you consistently work on these areas, you'll feel more in tune with yourself, your stress levels will go down and you'll gain control over your life and your achievements.

When you want to implement a new powerful habit into your life, make sure to do it every single day for at least 21 days. First you have to work on building your routines and then your routines will start to work for you!

What will you commit to?

How to get started?

Step 1

Create a free account in our Members Area and enroll into the Powerful Challenges course.

Step 2

Watch the video from the Powerful Marketer Program about building your confidence (50 min) for FREE.

Step 3

Create personal goals and build habits with the powerful Weekly Goals action item.

Step 4

Share your story on social media and tag us (@powerfulmarketers) for a repost!

Step 5

Evaluate your progress  and make adjustments if necessary.

Don't know which challenge to take on?

Here's a list of different activities that you could turn into your habit. Choose the one(s) that help you move towards your goals!

  • Psychological

  • Intellectual

  • Physical

Psychological challenges

  • Manage your emotions
  • Meditate daily
  • Improve close relationships
  • Practice gratitude
  • Keep a diary

Invite your friends and embark on this journey together!

Sharing is caring. If you know a friend who would benefit from taking these challenges, then let them know and inspire powerful growth within them!