Commit to your personal & professional growth!

Change is always hard. It takes time and work. Your motivation will not always be there to push you into action. And that's okay, because life gets in the way and you postpone activities that don't seem urgent. In the short-term, it may even feel good, but the further down the road you push your difficult, yet necessary decisions, the more you sabotage your own confidence and happiness. 

But we don't want this program to be one of the things that you once started and never saw through. This program is not only built to inspire you, but to actually push you into action and to help you transform the way you handle different situations personally and professionally. To do that, you need accountability. If you're very good at self-discipline, you can definitely do it by yourself, but we encourage you to set personal deadlines for going through the content and then keep the promises you make to yourself! However, if you want outside help in organizing your marketing and implementing all the learnings into real life, we highly suggest upgrading to our coaching program.

What is included in coaching?

  • A dedicated personal coach for 6 months 
  • 1:1 implementation call with your coach every other week
  • Support & strategic counselling
  •  100% results guarantee
  • Accountability: we will agree to your personal KPIs and track your progress

How to upgrade to coaching?

If you're ready to fully commit to your growth, just reach out to us at and we'll upgrade your subscription. If you want to better understand whether coaching is a good fit for you, schedule a complimentary 1:1 call with the creator of the Powerful Marketer Program HERE.

Laura Kukemelk, Mari-Liis Vaher and Inge-Marit Jaakson are part of the coaching team at Powerful Marketers.

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