1:1 Hands-on coaching for overwhelmed business owners

who want to get things done!

  • You have a vision to make your dreams and hopes come true, but you need someone alongside to help you with practical guidance?
  • You have so many things you want to do but you would love to be more organized to feel more productive every day?
  • You feel like you are alone and have no-one to discuss with, to get ideas and insights and some hands-on help on marketing activities?

Being supported, inspired, and connected will grant you success personally & professionally!

  • We are in this together & our community will always have your back!
  • You only have one life, you have to go for your dreams and goals!
  • As you get clearorganized, and consistent, you won't feel stuck anymore!

If you don’t control your marketing, it will control you!

kimberly shepheard - marketing agency owner from colorado, USA

Kimberly Shepheard for Powerful Marketers

We do it with you!

  • A dedicated personal coach who’s there to help you implement things you need to do so you would not feel dragged in your business every day
  • 1:1 Hands-on help with organizing activities, clarifying your sales and marketing goals, and helping with actionable steps to achieving them
  • Practical guidance and help if needed on different marketing platforms, channels, set of techniques, marketing alignment systems, any many more
  • Community and membership access so you wouldn’t be alone: there are so many business owners like yourself, and we help you to stay connected, inspired and supported
  • Free access to our trainings and easy-to-follow tools you might need
  • We are here to help you stay accountable with your dreams and hopes you have always envisioned to make happen
  • 1:1 calls with your coach every other week
  • Ready-to-use and built for you Trello Board for documenting, organizing and systemizing the workflow
  • 100% results guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

We believe in this process 100% which is why we provide full refund for our coaching customers if for any reason they are not 100% satisfied after trying the program for 30 days.


EU certified

Adult Education Training License Number 215171. Issued by the Ministry of Education and Research in Estonia (European Union) on 28.05.2020.


Our mission is to empower overwhelmed business owners to be aligned, supported, and practically guided alongside with their dreams and hopes.

CONNECT TO US DIRECTLY: no one will be left behind. Our coaching clients will have 1:1 coaching calls every other week and we organize powerful live events for all our customers every month. 

NETWORK WITH OTHER MARKETERS in the Powerful Mastermind Club: we will help you to find new contacts all over the world and you are welcome to join our monthly Masterminds to learn and grow together.

GET INSTANT ACCESS TO OUR SIGNATURE TRAINING: learn, get inspired, download and start action items, tools and templates. Learn more about the training on the link HERE.

And that’s only scratching the surface… There’s so much more you can unlock!

Here’s what people are saying about us

We are truly grateful to our amazing clients who have fully embraced the power of being aligned with their dreams and hopes in their personal and professional lives!

Justin Hein


The moment you join the coaching, it motivates you to take a step outside of your comfort zone.

Coaching helped me confirm that the things I’ve been doing were not wrong, but there’s a big room for improvement. And the training provided me the materials where I could bring that growth into real practice.

Errit Kuldkepp

Marketer & entrepreneur

I'm really not good at Excel sheets, but the templates I got are of immense value!

From this coaching, you can have it all - not only the knowledge, but also those seemingly "boring" tables, which are actually really necessary! And everything you need is all there!

Jim Sharman

Communication coach

I found the extra action items and the extra resources incredibly valuable.

There's some really-really good stuff in those trainings that you can dip into. For example, you will see the Eisenhower Time Management Principle Matrix in a different light and I knew that one backwards and forwards until I saw your version of it!

A message from the creator of the program


Thank you for being here!

My name is Mari-Liis and I’m a GO-GETTER. I’ve always dreamed big and wanted to make something of my life. However, as a kid I suffered a lot and maybe you are also someone who has had tough experiences that have affected you. I’m here to help you to use every experience you have had as a stepping board for greater things in your life. You can overcome many things, but you just need someone to help you see that and I get it!

Let's get stronger together as I want you to rule your marketing, your business and yourself! And you are welcome to read my story to inspire you to start aligning your business with the dreams and hopes you have always had! I truly believe everything indeed is possible!

Sincerely Yours,
Mari-Liis Vaher