We are here to help build your marketing with you through our challenges & Boot Camps

  • You have a vision to make your dreams and hopes come true, but you can’t seem to figure out how to get there?
  • You have so many things you want to do that you become overwhelmed, and you don’t know what to work on?
  • You feel alone and isolated, and dream of having a powerful community to walk alongside you?

Being supported, inspired and connected will grant you more success personally & professionally!

  • As you get clear, organized, and consistent, you'll get more leads.
  • With efficient systems and processes in place, you increase your profit for each client.
  • More success means more confidence, means more clients, means even more success.

We do it with you!

  • We are your extended marketing team, happy to help you implement things you need to do so you would not feel dragged in your business every day.
  • Practical guidance and support through weekly and monthly productivity & accountability calls.
  • Community membership: you are not alone! There are so many business owners like you, and we help you to stay connected, inspired and supported.
  • Access to our trainings and easy-to-follow tools and templates to make your life easier.
  • We are here to help you stay accountable with your dreams and hopes you have always envisioned to make happen.
  • Accountability partners
  • Ready-to-use and built-for-you templates for documenting, organizing and systemizing your workflow. 

Wouldn't it be great to be more organized and have more alignment in your business, as well as more peace and hope?

Not to mention, finally feeling empowered and efficient and productive because you know the activities that you’re doing are generating the results you want in your business? 

You are more confident, more organized and you are attracting more clients organically.

That’s the power of our signature 5-step framework, the Powerful Marketer Program!

Get to know us and see what others are saying:

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No one wins alone!

Join Us to Be Inspired, Supported & Connected

Customers served! 100 + marketers & business owners

1:1 hands-on coaching** 

Customers served! 100 + yearly Mastermind attendees

Ready-to-use tools & templates 

Customers served! 100 % satisfaction rate*

Certified video courses***


among our coaching students & Mastermind participants


20+ years of marketing and 7+ years of coaching experience


Signature framework video courses Certified & Issued by the Ministry of Education and Research in Estonia (European Union) on 28.05.2020. Adult Education Training License Number 215171.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

We are so grateful to our amazing students who have  achieved great results!

Justin Hein


The moment you join the program, it motivates you to take a step outside of your comfort zone.

This program helped me confirm that the things I’ve been doing were not wrong, but there’s a big room for improvement. And the program provided me the materials where I could bring that growth into real practice.

Birgit Usin

Small Business Owner

I really enjoyed the coaching sessions, combined with the video course and practical action items, as I was able to clarify my brand's positioning.

The most beneficial thing for me was the hands-on help with implementing and actually setting up all the necessary systems to run my marketing activities effectively. Going through this process is incredibly valuable for every small business owner!

Errit Kuldkepp

Marketer & entrepreneur

I'm really not good at Excel sheets, but the templates inside the program are of immense value!

From this program, you can have it all - not only the knowledge, but also those seemingly "boring" tables, which are actually really necessary! And everything you need is all there!


Thank you for being here!

I would like to be the first in welcoming you to the Powerful Marketers Community! I'm Mari-Liis and I have the pleasure of being your guide for this upcoming journey with us.

I invite you to take a look around the website, learn about our Powerful Marketer Programlisten to our podcast and visit our Mastermind to meet & connect with our community.

Because no one wins alone. Together we can make a powerful impact in communities where we live and work no matter the obstacles we may have! You are welcome to read my personal story to inspire you to start aligning your business with the dreams and hopes you have always had!

I truly believe everything indeed is possible!