You are currently in the PSYCHOLOGICAL NEEDS part of the pyramid.

This means that your basic needs are being met, and you feel in control of your life. You are not worrying about any threats towards your income, your home, or other necessities.

You feel secure in your job position and your lifestyle. You don’t have to worry about making ends meet, and you can focus on your personal and professional growth.

In this step of the pyramid, it is important to work on your relationships. Understanding others starts with understanding yourself. You need to feel like you belong to various professional and personal groups, so you have a support network for difficult times, as well as a source of joy and happiness.

But remember, the key to happiness is hidden inside of you. To feel worthy, confident, accepted and valued by others, you first need to accept yourself and be your own biggest supporter. This means practicing gratitude and positive self-talk, analyzing your emotions, and visualizing your goals and purpose. These kinds of self-care routines are there to keep you accountable even on days when you don't feel like it or have setbacks.

Don't worry, everyone has them, it is part of our life. Never give up! Remember what you are moving towards, and especially why you’re doing it.

Everything is possible. Even the word impossible says "I'm possible"!