You are currently in the BASIC NEEDS

part of the pyramid.

This means, there is still room for improvement for you to feel more in control of your life. Sometimes you find yourself worrying about whether you can make ends meet, and whether you will keep your job & profession.

It is hard to focus on personal & professional growth when you are worrying. Therefore, it is important that you take time to analyze why some of your basic needs are not being met. You need to visualize your desired reality and write down possible plans to get there. We know it might sound a bit silly or even pointless, but remember: The road of a million miles starts with the first step! And, for better or worse, YOU are the only one who can improve your life.

Whether it is about improving your professional skills or finding a more stable job, saving some money to feel secure in unexpected situations, taking care of your health so it can support you and not hold you back, or working on self-acceptance and self-love... The answers are hidden inside of you. Take time to find them. You absolutely CAN do it, you just have to start!

PS! You can always come back and revisit the test in a couple of months to see your progress once you've implemented new routines and feel more in control of your life.