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The plan has everything you need:

Strategy & planning

Activities on brand channels

Customer service & PR

Paid media campaigns




Employer marketing activities

Relationship marketing activities

BONUS: Full Marketing Metrics Table

Track the most relevant metrics about:

  • Sales & Conversions
  • Website & Traffic
  • Search & SEO
  • Social Media Channels & Engagement
  • Newsletter & Activity
  • Media Campaigns & Results

To see the trend of your marketing activities, you only need to measure the relevant things once a month. 

That way you can keep an eye on whether your marketing plan is working or not!

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The Ultimate Marketing Plan With Metrics that gives you clarity and describes all the activities you want to do within your budget!

Practical easy-to-follow template with pre-defined categories and a user manual!

Ready-to-use template with activities, timelines and budgets, just fill it in and share it with your boss or team!  


Everything you need to do in your marketing throughout the year - all in one place. Never forget anything important ever again!

Track your actual costs and compare it with your budget. See the difference between planned & actual to improve your planning for next year!

Know when something is supposed to happen - if it's not planned, it won't happen! Run your activities effectively with the Trello Board template.


Become a professional who has everything under control:

  • Activities
  • Timeframe
  • Budget
  • Metrics

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