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Each of our live events goes in-depth on a key aspect necessary for marketer's personal and professional growth. See the full event calendar HERE.

The next live training is on 2 November 2021:


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Our Powerful Live Trainings help accelerate your growth journey!

In 2 hours, we'll cover the most important theories and frameworks from the Powerful Marketer Program and show you how to implement it into your life step-by-step. This is also your chance to gain clarity and keep yourself accountable! 

Gain clarity 

The first half of the training will be centered around key learnings and insights from the Powerful Marketer Program. Feel free to ask questions and share your thoughts on the topic.

Connect with other marketers

Meet others who are on the same journey as you! In a group discussion, you'll be able to share your experience and to learn from everybody else! Our live trainings are exclusive to our clients only.

Get things done

We'll complete powerful action items together to set you on the right course! No excuses, we are all here to advance and this is what we'll definitely help you with. 

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Event Calendar

27 July 2021: How to set goals for your personal & professional growth?

To achieve what you've never achieved before, you must use a different level of thinking and action. During this kick-off event, we'll dive deep into the mindset workout. What are the fundamental truths and activities that support your growth as you advance in your life and career? Find out what are the areas that you need to work on the hardest to live a balanced and happy life. We are here to help you determine the activities and goals that are most relevant to your vision of success!

Action item: Competency Test Tool + Personal KPI's Creator


2 September 2021: How to build a self-perpetual marketing system?

Marketing is not an island, it simply cannot work on its own. Learn how to connect marketing activities with every other aspect of the business to build an enjoyable client journey that not only generates new customers on a regular basis, but also turns existing customers into raving fans.

Action item: Client Journey Flywheel + The Eisenhower Matrix Tool with Monthly Goal Setting Template

28 September 2021: How to create a marketing strategy & tactical plan?

Are you in a constant race against time, always chasing deadlines and trying to keep up with unexpected tasks? It's time to take a breath and really analyze what your long-term marketing strategy is. Learn how to build a sustainable strategy that brings clarity on the activities that you need to be doing or, on the contrary, stop doing. Find out which marketing channels are most suitable for your business and create a 12-Month Marketing Plan around it.

Action item: 12-month Marketing Plan + Metrics System


2 November 2021: How to become confident at networking and building relationships?

Marketing is all about communication with your internal and external customers. Without relationships, it's nearly impossible to develop your business. Learn how to utilize the power of networking and start generating warm leads and powerful partnerships on an ongoing basis.

Action item: GAINSx Profile Template 

23 November 2021: How to inspire yourself and others into action through inspirational leadership?

We are all leaders whether we acknowledge it or not. First and foremost, you are the leader of your life which means implementing the necessary discipline to turn your goals into reality. If you are a team leader, you need to know how to empower each of your team members to be able to scale your business in the long term. People do business with people, not with companies. 

Action item: Inspirational Leadership Test + Development Plan


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