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Powerful Marketers - Marketing Application Service

Allow us to take care of your day-to-day marketing activities so that you can focus on your business!

Effective marketing requires time and consistency. We are here to ease your burden. 

Our well-trained team is equipped to take care of your social media channels, mailing lists, blog posts and more! 

Choose the plan that best serves your needs!




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Monthly Marketing & Content Plan

Number of Social Media Channels*




Total Social Media Posts Per Month**




Newsletters and/or Blog Posts Per Month




Monthly Report in Google Data Studio

Marketing Analysis, Comments & Suggestions



Fixed Working Hours (Specific Day & Time Allocated For Your Business)

Availability For Urgent Matters Outside of Fixed Working Hours

Number of Additional Activities Included in Price***




Hourly Price For Extra Services (VAT not included)

100 €

80 €

60 €

Monthly Price (VAT not included)

1000 €

2000 €

3500 €

* Social Media Channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Messenger, etc.

** Number of Social Media Posts: including feed posts, story posts, ads, etc. We will create the copy & the visual, post on agreed upon time and promote it if relevant (ad spend not included).

*** Additional Services: Please find the list below. We will agree to the specific service(s) relevant to your business.

List of Potential Additional Activities Included in Price

Each activity is estimated to take up to 2 hours per month. If the specific task requires more time, we will agree on the terms separately. 

  • Customer service on social media (managing messages & comments)
  • Translation arrangements / additional language management (duplication of existing content in the desired language, does not include translation costs)
  • Website content management (news / blog posts / information update)
  • Information channel management (e.g. Waze, Google Business, Chatbot)
  • Management of cooperation with third parties

Extra Services Not Included In Price 

We will use project-based pricing and will agree to the terms of each extra service individually.

  • Creating a new strategy/tactical plan for content and/or marketing in general.
  • Collecting testimonials, ie asking for feedback from customers, improving customer service, working with Net Promoter Score.
  • Development of Good Practice for the company's employees
  • Branding, visual identity, incl. templates, presentations etc.
  • Other activities related to internal and external clients (eg workshop, training day, sales management, recruitment, event management, etc.)

Co-leading Service

We are included in your business leadership strategically, will think along, have meetings with your employees and partners if necessary and are essentially part of your team!

Monthly fee from 1000 € (VAT not included).

  • Board / team meetings (actively thinking alongside with you!)
  • Proactive proposals, approaching your company goals in general
  • Strategic business consulting
  • Access to the know-how of the entire team