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We help SME owners to manage marketing in smarter ways by helping to clarify activities which need to be carried out continuously to support business’ goals and to communicate company’s values.

Without a higher level of clarity in your marketing and in your business in general, little challenges become huge insurmountable mountains. Let’s be upfront, you are busy. You have tons of things to sort out. Creating more clarity in your processes can get difficult and even seem impossible. And here is the secret about clarity: it definitely takes work to achieve it. The only way to succeed is to make sure that clarity comes first in all of your team’s interactions. And clarity is what we can promise to you.

The most obvious benefit of working with our Marketing Manager is that instead of hiring someone in-house, you get a professional working remotely for you. What can we do for your business? We will go through the main aspects in your marketing:

Setting the goal & defining objectives

to help in defining the objective and setting the goals as this is the foundation for all other marketing activities:

  • SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time efficient
  • Competitors mapping for competitive strategy
  • Analysis of target audience, channels and content.

Strategy and tactics

to direct the promotion of a product or service to influence specific marketing goals:

  • Paid, earned and owned media strategies, also tactics to integrate online and offline marketing
  • Communication strategy with key messages and positioning
  • 12-month marketing tactics as the strategic actions towards achieving the goals

Planning Process

to systematically approach the achievement of marketing goals:

  • Development of action plans;
  • Testing new marketing messages, channels, and opportunities
  • Strategy implementation and control, review and evaluation.

Marketing work management

to prepare projects and resources, and ensure that work is completed accurately and on-time:

  • Management of third-party vendors and in-house employees
  • Sourcing and assisting relationships for different online and offline opportunities, channels and for design, copywriting and so on.
  • Marketing project management as an administration and development of marketing activities.

Marketing measurement system

to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing:

  • Evaluation of the performance of campaigns and troubleshooting those that underperform
  • Monitoring and improving online and offline presence, also analyzing advertising return and reporting findings
  • Focusing on the alignment of marketing activities, strategies, and metrics with business goals.

Managing marketing is more than building stand-alone campaigns. And it goes beyond short-term return on investment, ROI. Managing marketing is just as much a matter of not damaging your company’s future prospects of growth and success. And planning it is the economy of time and resources of your company.Let us help you with the set of combined actions to carry out and to solve a problem and achieve the desired vision for the future.

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Still not sure if we are a good fit for you? Our services are best for you if:

  • you want to gain clarity in your marketing activities
  • you wish to understand the relevant metrics to use in your business
  • you need to realize the skills needed among your team & partners
  • you are willing to commit to work together with an Accountant Manager weekly
  • you don’t want to miss important insights and opportunities in your marketing
  • you are a small business owner and you don’t have your own marketing team in house
  • you feel you don’t have enough time & resources for your marketing performance plan

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How does it work?

Our Marketing Manager will assess, measure and report to you on a regular basis: weekly over e-mail and over phone if needed, and also we will have regular meetings set up after every 2 weeks over Zoom. The goal is that you get all the necessary information from an actual person in a language that you can understand (not just by reporting in abbreviations and percentages, like “CPA 2%”). Your Marketing Manager will be there for you to explain the meaning behind the marketing numbers and will guide you through the necessary metrics and insight to your business.

Exclusive service

We only have limited numbers of clients per Marketing Manager which means the service is exclusive. We will take time for your marketing with you!

After working with us, you will have in place for your marketing:

  • A clear marketing strategy and an actionable tactical plan
  • A process for creating plans and executing different marketing projects
  • An analysis for your current status of marketing 
  • Measurement and monitoring systems

As a result, you will be able to easily manage and carry out the activities later on by yourself or with us. It is your call!

Our Marketing Manager helps you to achieve desired results in your marketing quicker and in a more focused and efficient way than ever before!

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If you are feeling overwhelmed by the challenges in your business then in cooperation with us you will not be alone. 

This is OUR PROMISE to you: working with us will help you to have the consistent marketing systems you need in your business and the processes and tools to help you feel happily in charge again!

The way we onboard new clients is through a 45 min free call where we can get to know each other better. This is not the sales call. This is just a way for you to make sure if we are a good fit for your business or not. The call with us does not obligate you to go into cooperation with us. We are thankful for your trust & maybe we will find some answers already during this free call!

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