Powerful Marketer Program

Marketers are hardworking people whose job is most usually underestimated. Other people inside the company do not fully understand the time & resources necessary for a marketer’s job, and people from outside see them mainly as just advertisers. But marketing is so much more. Marketers can & should also be so much more! 

Because we as humans are always a whole and paradoxically: if you want to have a great career, your job cannot be the only key aspect in your life. You need to develop and implement strong leadership habits and skills in all aspects of your life in order to enjoy it to the fullest extent possible.

Our mission is to provide powerful growth for marketers around the world so that they can control their own personal and professional success!

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Our vision is that all marketers with the desire to achieve the quality of life they’ve always dreamed of can do so by having the necessary tools for growth. We believe that being successful professionally always depends on a happy and a powerful personal background which is why we always put the focus on marketers as people first.

You don’t need to be nervous, anxious, tired, stressed out because of all the deadlines in your life. You don’t deserve to feel underappreciated or suffer from a lack of confidence. You need to find inspiration in your job to feel truly fulfilled in your life! 

But being successful professionally always depends on a happy and powerful personal background. And we want all the marketers personally and professionally to be on top of things!

But who is a marketer exactly? They can be people with an actual marketer’s position in a company, but they can also be a specialist inside a company, a salesman, a freelancer or even a business owner. In a way we are all marketers as being a marketer involves so much more than planning a campaign or media coverage or buying advertisements. And this is what we preach for.

PMP is an online training program with tools, strategies, and solutions that help marketers to develop a deeper sense of purpose, experience meaningful growth, and achieve long-lasting results.

It is a powerful online training program covering all 5 key areas which are necessary for achieving a repeatable cycle of success. While most similar online courses would teach you a specific skill, then we concentrate on the big picture: YOU, A MARKETER! No matter how good you are in your knowledge and technical skills, they are likely to fail you if you do not have a strong foundation as a powerful person.

We will cover in detail 5 interconnected layers for success, giving you a strong foundation for growth:

  • Mindset: understanding the important psychological principles that affect us all;

  • Cognition: mastering the process for gathering relevant and trustworthy information to support your decisions;

  • Discipline: setting rules and guidelines for yourself to keep yourself accountable and focused while carrying out your marketing strategy;

  • Communication skills: understanding the key elements to being able to have meaningful connections with anyone, regardless of their age, generation, background and behavioral style;

  • Leadership: realizing the important role you have as an inspiring leader and having the tools to be a powerful performer.

Remember, there is no secret or special formula to success, neither is it just a fluke. The key to having everything you’ve ever wanted is the willingness to work on yourself constantly, because power comes from within and nobody can hand it to you. Don’t ever let anybody else take control of your happiness & inner peace. You are in charge!

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Powerful Marketer brand & program was founded by Mari-Liis Vaher. Her story is a powerful and inspiring one. Achieving the impossible by fighting to become better is what she has always been doing.

Her real story is the living proof that we can promise you:

– Best return on your investment
– Resources and support
– Being part of a community that runs and feels like a family
– Getting rid of your fear of not knowing what is not working
– You will think bigger, your goals might be challenging, but not impossible
– A nice experience working in a helpful and friendly community