Powerful Advancement Week

An all-inclusive, training and motivational week together with our team in the sunny coast of Spain, Malaga.

Immersive 1-on-1 workshops designed to fast-track your management and leadership skills in marketing, sales and in business communication generally. We will have training days combined with workshops as a perfect mix of theoretical and practical skills to develop. By the activities and the people you meet, you will gain powerful personal and professional growth. Delivered in-person we have exclusive groups of max 10 people.

Here's what we cover during working days:

    • Personality types, life curve and generations: you will learn how to communicate on any level necessary. You will understand how to better relate and to network with different people despite their religion, age or other background.
    • Networking tips and tools: you will learn how to create, leverage, strengthen and design your network to make it your most valuable asset. You will understand how to use GAINS profile technique for successful networking everywhere, created by Dr. Ivan Misner (Business By Referral, 1998)
    • Problem solving: you will learn Problem Solving Model that helps you to make informed and effective decisions using all their communicative resources.
    • Explore the key themes of self-acceptance, self-management, and self-development. You will understand how to evolve from a manager to a leader.
    • Project management tools and tips: you will learn about differences in management and leadership together with basic key elements in working inside the teams. You will gain greater productivity together with reduced errors in communication and you will improve in decision making.
    • The SMARKETING approach to smart strategy creation: you will learn to deal with resistance, misconceptions, and obstacles along the way that would otherwise hinder your success.
    • Design sprint: We’re gonna share one of the newest, most powerful brainstorming tools ever designed. When you are able to master this technique, you will become a leader in your own merit, and you will not need to come up with all the ideas yourself.
    • BPS Pyramid of Needs (based on Maslow) + Mindset Growth KPI-s
    • Universal psychological biases
    • Productivity: Productivity by The Eisenhower Matrix

Practical day, filled with productivity, leadership and networking workshops:

    • We start in the early morning with the Trollope productivity hack to increase your writing productivity
    • Before lunch break we´ll continue with project management & leadership workshop
    • After lunch we will participate in a networking event with other english speaking entrepreneurs from Spain (organized monthly in Spain by Inspire Consulting)

Our promise to you:

    • Exclusive learning environment inside little group of like minded people
    • New business contacts and business friends
    • The empowering workshops which will pull you out of your comfort zone
    • Motivation and inspiration from sunny energy of Malaga
    • Perfect short get-away trip which can be related to your professional and personal growth

It is a good fit for you if you have previous experience in sales, marketing or project management for at least 3 years. We will not cover fundamentals and basics, the week is an advanced week and suits best for the middle level managers. If you are a business owner or want to grow into a managerial role, this advanced training week will help you get to the next level in your career.

There is a big difference between massively successful entrepreneurs and marketers, and all those who just plod along in their careers. And that difference is focus and action, tempered with the skill to humbly welcome ideas from others and make them work. You will be presented with some of the most successful techniques and tools here in Malaga with us. After Advancement Week with us you will know how to integrate your own powerful toolbox of skills!

Packages includes

    • Accommodation, breakfast and lunch for 7 days
    • Trainings and materials from 3 different trainers
    • Participation in a practical day 
    • Festive dinner with the whole group at the end of the working week 
    • Malaga sightseeings and wine tour with tasting (tickets included)
    • A day off to visit the beach or to go to shopping
    • Shuttle from the airport to the hotel and back
    • Your personal contact who will look after you during the week, answers all the questions, etc

Calendar 2020

Week 17

20-26 April 2020


Week 21

18-24 May 2020


Week 39

21-27 September 2020


Week 42

12-18 October 2020


We have always built a team of people who are not satisfied with just doing any job. We have people who want to do something meaningful with their careers and to make a positive impact on as many people as possible around the world. If you want to experience this example of positive energy and personal growth, please be inspired by attending one of our Powerful Advancement Weeks.

Give us your e-mail and let us know the dates when you would like to participate. We will send you all information needed, including common objections with answers to convince yourself or your boss:

About organizer

Who is Mari-Liis?

Mari-Liis was born and raised in Estonia, Eastern Europe. Today she lives on the sunny coast of Spain and together with her husband is raising two lovely children.

Mari-Liis graduated from the University of Tartu (ranked in the top 1.2% of the best universities in the world) with a Master’s degree in social sciences and has completed her studies in marketing, management and psychology. She has undergone 2-year sales manager training at Southwestern Advantage, one of the best-known and oldest sales organizations in the world, and has consistently participated in the training of a highly experienced crisis counselor and Tallinn University lecturer, Tiina Naarits-Linn.

Combining the knowledge she has gained in practice, her working life has been like an exploration journey that allows her to share her knowledge-based experience with others.

Since 2003 Mari-Liis started to work as an active sales and marketing specialist and since 2009 as an independent entrepreneur. She started with expert consulting in 2013, having been a supporter of numerous small and large business executives, as well as marketing experts and promoter and manager of advertising campaigns. Her client range has been wide, including fine restaurant businesses and a large waste management company.

Most important experiences

The working languages for Mari-Liis are Estonian and English, and increasingly Spanish. Among the challenges and experiences of her professional life so far, Mari-Liis most often brings out the following:

    • Mari-Liis has led Estonia’s largest environmental campaign (2013-2018) “Candle Case Hunt”, which has been recognized by the Estonian Ministry of the Environment.
    • Mari-Liis is one of the founders of the Gustav Adolf Gymnasium “Parenting Academy” in Estonia which brings lecturers to parents about raising children in different ages.
    • Founder and CEO of several companies: an advertising company Stillabunt OÜ (2013-2018); a franchise holder (2009-2011) for a worldwide youth brand Heelys in Baltic States & in Finland; Member of a Council at AS Lajos (2014-2019); since 2016 founder of the non-profit company MTÜ Tuleviku Heaks, etc.
    • Mari-Liis has been active as a trainer and mentor at Marketing Institute in Estonia and as a speaker for conferences at Tallinn Marketing Week, seminar at The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) and other events. Mari-Liis has given interviews in radio and on television in Estonia.
    • Mari-Liis has always appreciated human relationships, so today she is a previous member of Business Network International (BNI), also a current member and a Vice-President of Global Business Owners (GBO) and the President of Inspire Mastermind Group in Malaga. 
    • As a co-author in 2017 she launched the book “10 Steps Towards The Perfect Advertising Gift”, the first of its kind about successful merchandising and promotional materials in business to business sector. 
    • As a volunteer, she has been helping the non-profit organisations RuaCrew which helps teenagers to get back on the right path from the streets. She received recognition from the President of the Republic of Estonia for the latter.
    • She is an active member of “Mahena Mastermind Group”. Mahena, the non-profit organisations is all about crisis counseling and self-discovery led by the highly experienced crisis counselor and Tallinn University lecturer, Tiina Naarits-Linn in Estonia.
    • Creator and founder of the Powerful Marketers brand and programme. 
    • And one life-changing experience was moving to the sunny coast of Spain together with her family in 2019.

Mari-Liis’ more inspirational authors, leaders and coaches today

Abraham Maslow, Carol Dweck, Jane Hart, Dan Ariel, John C. Maxwell, Daniel Kahneman, Matthew Syed, Napoleon Hill, Simon Synek, Lewis Howies, Rory Vaden, Dustin Hillis, Tony Robbins, Sam Ovens, Hal Elrod, Seth Godin and Brian Tracy worldwide; also Tiina Naarits-Linn and Anu-Mall Naarits in Estonia.

Be inspired by the Queen of Impossible

Mari-Liis Vaher has always had a prophetic dream to connect all this knowledge and rich experiences. Thanks to it, she is well known for making the impossible happen for herself and others around her.

If you want to experience this example of positive energy and personal growth, please be inspired by having Mari-Liis as a speaker at your next event or by attending our Malaga Advancement Week.

Contact Mari-Liis 
FB / IG / LinkedIn / Twitter or by e-mail mariliis@ourpower.business

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