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Proven marketing strategies, inspirational guest speakers and practical tips to cover your marketing gaps and to drive your performance. You don’t have to struggle with your marketing, you can get back to your business as you get clear, organized and consistent!


The show is 30 minutes long. To keep us on track, we'll discuss your preferred topic and I'll ask questions to keep us on track (find them below). Please block out 45 minutes to allow for pre and post-show time. You will receive a recording link beforehand.


We will be taping the interview on video, so please be camera-ready and in a well-lit room. Remember to use a good microphone, a headset, and a quiet place to record. Please silence your phone, fan, external noise and notifications for the best sound quality.


The episodes are conversational with actionable and achievable advice for the audience. Please think of this as us chatting over coffee. The conversation will flow and be organic but here are a few questions I’ll ask to keep us on track. Your story, business information, and all your contact information will be detailed in the show notes, so we’ll get right into the episode. 

See interview questions


  • What you do (in a sentence of two!)

Focus topic: deeper discussion about the tactics or tips or framework that you believe in/are an expert in.

  • Why  is it helpful? 
  • How can overwhelmed business owners benefit from it? 
  • What are the payoffs? 

Actionable steps: how to get started with your "focus topic"?

  • Best practices to get started?
  • What are common mistakes here?
  • 3 top tips or actionable steps for overwhelmed business owners

Wrap up:  

  • A comment on the song & affirmation or a quote that you have shared beforehand.
  • CTA: How should people get in touch with you? Is there a website or email address you want them to be directed to? Is there any special offer you can provide to our listeners (limited offer maybe)?
  • Do you have any final thoughts or something you think our listeners need to hear?