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“What I have appreciated the most over the years we have worked together, is the customized experience – willingness to always think along and create solutions that work best for my organization. I trust them to keep my company’s best interests in mind and that’s why I don’t need to oversee every little detail. I know that in the grand scheme of things, my business will benefit from this cooperation and that is the most important thing.”
Kuldar SuitsMember of the Board in Kuusakoski
Kuldar Suits
“I’ve been a consultancy client for a few years already and what I appreciate the most is their vast experience in B2B market, as well as their expert knowledge. In B2B market, personal relationships are key and I’ve learned a lot from them over the years. Whenever I need expert advice on business, sales, marketing, leadership, I always turn to them. And of course, I also really love spending time with them, as they are filled with positive energy and always give me tons of inspiration.”
Evelin MichelsonThe owner of Flamanta International
Evelin Michelson
“In our co-operation with OurPower team, the communication has always been fast, professional, pleasant and goal-oriented. With mutual trust, we have been able to find great solutions for our clients in even the most complex situations. Together we have achieved a synergy that we believe is the key to success. When it comes to strategy and communication, we share the same vision and values – focusing on the big picture, without compromising on the details either.”
Hevelin VeinbergAccount Manager in CMSPHD Media Agency
Hevelin Veinberg
“Working with Ourpower and their team has been exceptional, we have worked together on a number of marketing projects and I find them so helpful, approachable and easy to work with. I can’t thank them enough for their efforts to accommodate our tight schedule to make sure that deadlines were met. I would highly recommend Ourpower and will have no hesitation in working with them on future projects.”
Mari-Liis Romulus
“It was back in 2005 when I was invited to work together with Mari-Liis and her husband. Looking back, I realize that at the time I didn’t know pretty much anything about sales. But thanks to excellent leadership, set processes, immense support, and inspiring guidance I was able to grow to one of the best salespeople in the company. A few years ago I would have never guessed I’d be where I am now – owning and leading the very same company. I am so grateful for the trust I was given, as well as the crazy amount of knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the years, just by working side by side. I recommend working with them to everyone, because if they decide to do something, they will do it 100%. And they will get results, every single time.”
Marina Gutel-ReileOwner and Member of the Board in Stillabunt
Marina Gutel-Reile


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