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The purpose of each podcast recording is to help businesses improve their marketing.

Your interview host Mari-Liis Vaher.

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Powerful Marketing Tips podcast is for a business owner or a marketer with a product or service they believe in. Each episode we dive into the real-world marketing obstacles, tactics, and strategies that will help you to get what you have in front of a lot more people.


Our listeners are mostly overwhelmed by information, and we aim to bring them valuable, easy-to-digest content quickly.

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There are 5 key elements to consider when being a guest on our podcast:

  • We adhere to a structured format and it is not an open conversation.
  • Our episodes are short, max of 15 -20 minutes.
  • Be ready to share only actionable tips and insights.
  • We expect your valuable content with practical, real-life examples.
  • Bring precise advice from your expertise, and we will guide listeners to find out more about you.

Other important information


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  • We only accept interviews with video and excellent audio; you must have a good microphone, a headset, and a quiet place to record. Silence your phone, fan, external noise, and notifications for the best sound quality. Please be camera-ready and in a well-lit room
  • The podcast recordings are done in advance; going live with your interview might take up to 12 weeks.
  • The show is taped on a live-streaming platform, so make sure to check your inbox for a calendar invite.


  • We'll send graphics and assets for you to share, and we expect you to share the episode on your social media too! 

  • We will share the episode on all major podcasting platforms, our personal and business social accounts, plus feature in-depth on our website. You will get noticed over email before going live.

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