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The goal of our interview is to inspire and share insights that are helpful for marketers in their every day lives as professionals. 

Our listeners are marketers and business owners and this is your opportunity to gain their attention by offering valuable content and inspiration. 

Your interview host Mari-Liis Vaher.

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Video interviews with marketers & entrepreneurs

  • The purpose is to share expert insights from your industry and to inspire marketers and business owners. It is a casual business talk with the aim to help listeners to see new perspectives.
  • Bear in mind, this is not the place for direct selling. We will share your contact information and people can later get in touch with you directly if they want to.
  • The length of the interview is approximately 20-30 minutes. Just in case, please book up to 1 hour from your calendar for the interview recording.
  • The interview is recorded over Zoom (video & audio). You will receive the link with the calendar invitation. Make sure you are in a quiet place, use your headphones and make sure that your face is well-lit.

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  • Share briefly who you are, what you do and who you help.

Focus topic: deeper discussion about the tactics or tips or framework that you believe in/are an expert in.

  • Why  is it helpful? 
  • How can people benefit from it? 
  • What are the payoffs? 
  • What are the biggest misconceptions and obstacles people have related to this topic? 
  • What other challenges have you seen people have around this?
  • Examples of people or brands who have found success here? 

Actionable steps: how should listeners make this change happen in their life?

  • What are the first steps they need to take?

Wrap up:  

  • How should people get in touch with you? Is there a website or email address you want them to be directed to?
  • Do you have any final thoughts or something you think our listeners need to hear?
Mari-Liis Vaher