At Powerful Marketers, we believe that true wisdom begins when you work consistently on yourself. Do you also feel that now is the time for focused massive action? Let your actions speak much louder than words!

Our mission, vision, values, and core beliefs shine through our people across our organisation — our clients, our team, and our partners. We’ve built a culture that gives power to marketers through personal and professional development, increased efficiency, and pure joy. As a result, marketers can achieve higher success in their businesses and are able to share their success around them with respect and joy.

Our why

We feel our happiest by providing powerful growth for marketers around the world so that they can control their own personal and professional success!

Because everyone has a different struggle and there is a huge mistrust around and in marketing.…

  • Entrepreneurs are not sure what marketing strategies and tactics to use, how to measure and analyze those activities, which trends to follow or even how to budget all of these elements. 
  • Sales departments might assume it is all on them. Like many people at financial departments, they might even think marketing is just a waste of money and resources. 
  • Marketers are working hard trying to handle so many challenges.  And it’s difficult when you feel your marketing doesn’t work as you expected. When colleagues and team members get frustrated. When you can see your clients get upset. As a marketer yourself you may get upset from time to time, and you pass on those emotions to your family too. So, marketers often feel undervalued, overworked, powerless, anxious, tired and unhappy.
  • No one inside the company is sure which trends are going to grow the fastest, and on what products or services clients are really willing to spend their time (and money). No wonder, over recent years trust in marketing has been at risk and marketing as a career has lost some credibility:
    • A study from Fournaise Group found out that 73% of CEOs say “Marketers lack business credibility and the ability to generate sufficient growth, and 80% of CEOs simply don’t trust marketers at all, while 91% do trust CIOs and CFOs.”
    • And small B2B companies do not trust marketers much more. The Global Jobs Poll by HubSpot ranked the most credible jobs: doctor ranked number one, and right at the bottom, just below Barista, and above Car Salesman you can find “Marketer”. Only 3% of business people considered marketers as trustworthy.

We are committed to finding and empowering marketers who are willing to work on making their vision of success a reality. At Powerful Marketers, we provide focused solutions to take marketers and their marketing to the next level.

Remember – being successful professionally always depends on a happy personal background!

Empower your career and your life!

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